Unpacking research integrity and commercialisation of research in Pakistan

Episode 46

We chat with Kholah Yaruq Malik & Sarina Shirazi from The Universal Millennial College Pakistan about advancing research commercialisation at their institution

Kholah Yaruq Malik | Dean of Academics & Internationalisation, The Millennium Universal College, Pakistan

Dr Sarina Shirazi | HOD Social Sciences & Business Management, The Millennium Universal College, Pakistan

In this video, we chat with Kholah Yaruq Malik and Dr Sarina Shirazi from The Millenium Universal College (TMUC) in Pakistan. They discuss their institution’s efforts to uphold academic rigour and integrity in the practice of research and its commercialisation, and equip students with the skills to successfully enter the marketplace and execute on their ideas.

With programs underpinned by strong values of entrepreneurship, Kholah and Sarina outline how the TMUC curriculum supports an end-to-end process through the mantra of “discuss it, assess it, protect it, and license it”.

Khola and Sarina also identify a key challenge for universities in overcoming academics’ often insular approach to research aims, and the need to champion industry-academic linkages for mutual prosperity.

How can universities remove barriers to research commercialisation and foster academia’s ties with industry? Watch the video to hear Kholah and Sarina’s stance.

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