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Turnitin Acceptable Use Policy

Last Updated: March 24, 2023

This Acceptable Use Policy (“Policy”) governs your use of the Services offered to you by the applicable Turnitin Contracting Party, as defined in an applicable Order Form or EULA, as the case may be, and its Affiliates (the “Services”) and our website(s), including (the “Site”). We may modify this Policy by posting a revised version on the Site. By using the Services or accessing the Site, you agree to the latest version of this Policy.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are strictly prohibited:

  • Illegal or fraudulent activity. You may not use the Services or the Site to engage in any activity that violates any applicable laws or regulations, including but not limited to activities related to fraud, money laundering, or illegal gambling.
  • Violation of others' rights. You may not use the Services or the Site to infringe upon the intellectual property or other rights of others, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, trade secret, or patent rights.
  • Promotion of violence or harm. You may not use the Services or the Site to threaten, incite, promote, or actively encourage violence, terrorism, or other serious harm to any person or group.
  • Child sexual exploitation or abuse. You may not use the Services or the Site to promote or engage in any activity related to child sexual exploitation or abuse.
  • Security and integrity. You may not use the Services or the Site to violate the security, integrity, or availability of any user, network, computer or communications system, software application, or network or computing device, including but not limited to hacking, phishing, or introducing viruses, malware, or other harmful code.

Investigations and Enforcement

We may investigate any suspected violation of this Policy and may take appropriate action to remedy such violation, including but not limited to removing or disabling access to any content or resource that violates this Policy. You agree to cooperate with us to remedy any violation of this Policy, and to take any necessary steps to prevent future violations.

We may report any suspected violations of this Policy to law enforcement authorities or other appropriate third parties and cooperate with such authorities or third parties as necessary to investigate and prosecute any violations of applicable laws or regulations.

Reporting of Violations

To report any violation of this Policy, please call us at +1 (866) 816 5046 or email us at

Any violation of this Policy may result in the suspension or termination of your access to the Services.