Digitally-mediated assessment in the digital world: ethical and social impacts

Episode 52

Margaret Bearman explores the ethical & social impacts of digitally-mediated assessment in the digital world

Professor Margaret Bearman | Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE), Deakin University

This video is part 1 of a special Integrity Matters series ‘Re-imagining University Assessment in a Digital World’, exploring the book of the same name. We chat with one of its co-authors, Professor Margaret Bearman, from the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning at Deakin University, about the ethical and social implications of digitally-mediated assessment.

Introducing the concept of digitally-mediated assessments that references the ubiquity of digital markers in students’ lives, Margaret contends that ‘assessment should reflect future worlds’ and draws out the ethical and social dilemmas we must navigate in the convergence of technology and assessment in the digital age.

How can we strengthen assessments so that they rise to the challenge of preparing students for their digital futures? Watch the video to hear Margaret’s perspective, and stay tuned for Part 2 of this series with Professor Phillip Dawson on 29th June.

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