Turnitin launches iThenticate 2.0 to help maintain integrity of high stakes content with AI writing detection
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Academic integrity and assessment solutions for today’s universities

A culture of academic excellence starts with integrity.

Upholding integrity in higher education means having a robust framework for student submission, educator feedback, and assessment delivery.

Ensure quality assessment, campus-wide

Enable and scale rigorous assessment of all types - from homework and quizzes to code assignments, final exams and term papers - whether online or in-person.

Have confidence the work is original

Ensure that students' work is original and protect against even the most sophisticated forms of student misconduct.

Enable educators to focus on what matters

Equip faculty with tools that relieve the burden of time-consuming, repetitive tasks, so they can spend more time on ensuring student and program success.

Meaningfully engage students in learning

Guide students in their learning with tools that help educators deliver personalised feedback and offer more learning opportunities.

Consistent & fair feedback, every time

Reduce bias and deliver objective, actionable, timely feedback with innovative tools that maximise student growth.

Turnitin’s academic integrity suite

Comprehensive similarity checking and formative learning opportunities to help identify and deter academic misconduct, while building students’ confidence and capacity for original work.

Turnitin's Assessment & Grading Solution

Turnitin supports your entire team

A suite of integrity, feedback and assessment tools designed to meet the specific needs of leaders, administrators and educators, while safeguarding your university’s reputation.

I'm an Education Leader

Education Leaders:

You need a framework for integrity, feedback and assessment that supports graduate-ready students and safeguards your university’s reputation.

We will partner with you to:

  • Foster an integrated approach to academic integrity and assessment delivery
  • Enhance student experience and engagement levels, both on campus and remotely
  • Implement cost-effective and intuitive feedback and grading tools
  • Safeguard institutional reputation and mitigate threats such as contract cheating

I'm a Technology Leader

Technology Leaders

You need to implement innovative, cost-effective academic integrity and assessment software to keep pace with flexible learning and balance stakeholders needs.

We will partner with you to:

  • Address the software needs of executive and end-user stakeholders across your institution
  • Deliver cost-effective software that ensures interoperability, stringent data privacy, and security
  • Complement your existing technology framework, including robust integrations with your LMS
  • Encourage user uptake through Turnitin’s 24/7 technology support functions and professional services

I'm a Program Administrator

Program Administrators:

You need to design a responsive curriculum that secures learning objectives, while instilling academic values and maintaining industry compliance.

We will partner with you to:

  • Uphold the academic standards of your courses with comprehensive anti-cheating measures
  • Deploy marking tools that support educators and drive department efficiencies
  • Develop students’ critical thinking skills and confidence via intuitive feedback and grading tools
  • Provide end-user insights and reporting to evaluate curriculum and satisfy executive stakeholders

I'm an Educator


You’re focused on cultivating an engaged learning community that safeguards student motivation, learning outcomes and academic standards.

We will partner with you to:

  • Develop an integrity solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing LMS workflow
  • Detect similarity and potential plagiarism in student work easily and comprehensively
  • Improve marking efficiency to get more done in less time and focus your energy on teaching
  • Prepare students for work and further study with meaningful feedback loops

I'm a Researcher


You’re seeking to publish with confidence and protect your personal and institutional reputation when you submit your manuscript.

We will partner with you to:

  • Instantly check your work against the largest database of internet and scholarly sources with an easy-to-use Similarity report
  • Gain an upper hand in the research review process by using the same tool publishers trust, and catch errors before submission
  • Harness document sharing and collaboration tools with co-researchers and peers which uphold research integrity
  • Achieve peace of mind that you are presenting an original piece of work that won’t trigger accusations of plagiarism

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