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Embedding industry partnerships in online course design

Episode #15

We chat with Dr Kevin Argus, Lecturer, Design Thinking & Marketing at RMIT, about embedding industry partnerships in online course design & authentic assessment

Dr Kevin Argus | Lecturer, Design Thinking and Marketing, Graduate School of Business and Law at RMIT

In this video, Dr Kevin Argus discusses the importance of embedding industry partnerships in online course design and authentic assessment, and details his experience delivering this as a Lecturer in Design Thinking and Marketing at RMIT.

Kevin explains how engaging industry partners in higher education responds to greater scrutiny on the impact of learning and teaching. Rapidly changing times emphasise the need for authentic learning, and he considers industry partnerships as presenting a paradigm shift in learning that is not only informed by research, but has a demonstrable impact on industry.

In the collaboration between industry and universities, and when executed properly, Kevin describes it as an opportunity that services industries’ needs as well as teaching and student outcomes. Pursuing these partnerships means defining the value proposition that underpins it and ensuring mutual, two-way benefit. He explores this in relation to the real-world exposure that can shape students’ tertiary experience, and how student participation can in turn help companies tell their story.

Kevin covers best practices that RMIT deploys when aligning their choice of industry partner with the school’s research interests and learning deliverables, and their dedicated team of industry engagement experts to drive these efforts across the university. He delves into what’s feasible in the design of authentic, online assessment to meaningfully support the collaboration, and how universities can balance learning objectives with the time and investment of industry partners and students.