Can contract cheating be detected by machine learning technology? (Part 2)

Episode #5 (Part 2)

In Part Two of this two-part episode, Deakin University's Associate Professors Phillip Dawson and Wendy Sutherland-Smith dives into their findings from their research on the use of either authorship analysis technology to improve detection rates of contract cheating.

A/Prof. Phillip Dawson | Associate Director, Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning, Deakin University

A/Prof. Wendy Sutherland-Smith | Faculty of Health, School of Psychology, Deakin University

In Part Two of our discussion with Phill and Wendy on their research project on the detection of contract cheating with Turnitin's Authorship Investigate technology, we dive into the research perimeters, findings and results.

Show Notes:
Five ways to hack and cheat with bring-your-own-device electronic examinations - Phillip Dawson

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