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Re-imagining Authentic Assessment. Best practices for design and measuring success

Turnitin hosts a panel discussion on authentic assessment in higher education, covering best practices for assessment design at scale and how to measure success

Our roundtable panel discussion ‘Re-imagining Authentic Assessment. Best practices for design and measuring success’ was a crowd-pleaser at the recent Times Higher Education Live ANZ 2020 virtual event.

Here’s a recap of what we covered:

Recent global events have reinforced the need for authentic assessments to bolster learning outcomes, and put a spotlight on higher education institutions to ensure they are cultivating ‘job-ready’ students.

This roundtable panel discussion explores different perspectives on the design and delivery of authentic assessments to address the important issues of how to measure success, inform future iteration, and reimagine/rethink courses during the uplift process.

Our panel guests cover the current challenges with design processes, share best practices for academics and instructors choosing to design more authentic assessments, and talk about how to effectively measure success in achieving learning outcomes. Join us for what will be a robust discussion on the development of authentic assessment, with a concluding Q&A session that brings our audience into the conversation.

Discussion focus areas:

  • Main educator challenges in authentic assessment design
  • Using student perceptions of assessment to inform its design
  • The extent to which technology guides assessment strategy
  • Key elements that make for a successful delivery of authentic assessment
  • Measuring the success of assessment design and the role of a student feedback loop

Watch the expert panel discussion on-demand